Bite-Sized Bytegeist episode: Talking Audio Restoration with Gabe Liberti

What is it like to restore audio on classic films? For this bite-sized Bytegeist we sat down with Gabe Liberti to talk about his time as an audio restoration engineer at the Criterion Collection. These days Gabe uses his sound engineering skills to design interactive installations as part of the design duo, Dave and Gabe:

For more about the degradation and obsolescence of magnetic media, check out episode 4, where we talk to Rachel Mattson about the XFR Collective: Librarybytegeist – Rachelmattson

Audio mastering by Dalton Harts

Tools used to record this podcast:
Blue Yeti microphone:

Music and Soundtracks:
Opening and closing track: “Magic” by Otis MacDonald
This podcast uses these sounds from freesound:
Katana by Halleck (
Flute by Uncle Sigmund ( )
Taiko by dirtydowntowner ( )
bnpppjd.aif by dropthedyle (

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