Presentation Slides

Jessamyn West, author of Without a Net: Librarians Bridging the Digital Divide and Community Manager at (view slides, etc)

Session I Project Briefs
Information Literacy Sessions for Faculty (view slides)

  • Mayumi Miyaoka, St. Joseph’s College
  • Robert Lasner, St. Joseph’s College

Services for Hospital Librarians (view slides)

  • Michelle Burda, National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Middle Atlantic Region

Collaborating for College Readiness: Curriculum Reform as Opportunity for Innovative Partnership (view slides)

  • Leanne Ellis, DOE Office of Library Services
  • Meghann Suzanne Walk (Bard High School Early College)
  • Nate Michelson, Guttman Community College
  • Robert Farrell, Lehman College

Building Authorities with Crowdsourced and Linked Open Data in ProMusicDB (view slides)

  • Kimmy Szeto, Baruch College, City University of New York
  • Christy Crowl, ProMusicDB

Metadata for Oral History: Acting Locally, Thinking Globally (view slides)

  • Natalie Milbrodt, Queens Library
  • Jane Jacobs, Queens Library
  • Dacia Metes, Queens Library

Session II Project Briefs
Lessons from the Field: Designing Library Programs for Student Veterans (view slides)

  • Caroline Fuchs, St. John’s University
  • Lisa Brigandi, St. John’s University

Break Out: add value to your library in non-traditional ways (view slides)

  • Deborah Bonelli, St. Barnabas Hospital

Literacy and Assessment: Gaming in the Library

  • Do They Make a Difference? Assessing Games-Based Learning at LIU Brooklyn (view slides)
    • Katelyn Angell, Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus
    • Eamon Tewell, Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus
  • NYPLarcade: Promoting Game Literacy (view slides)
    • Thomas Knowlton, New York Public Library

Innovative Internships

Mug Shots, Rap Sheets, & Oral Histories: Building the New Digital Collections at John Jay College of Criminal Justice (view slides)

  • Robin Davis, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Session III Project Briefs
Training Library Staff to Implement Best Practices in ILL: The IDS Project’s METRO Regional User Group and the RRSI/ALA STAR Checklist (view slides)

  • Beth Posner, CUNY Graduate Center
  • Peter Bae, Columbia University Libraries

Wikipedia in Cultural Heritage Institutions (view slides)

  • Dorothy Howard, Metropolitan New York Library Council

myMETRO Researchers Paper Session

  • Exploring Connections: Independent Publishers and Research Libraries by Amy Ballmer, Albert Municino, Judith Schwartz, and Robert Weiss (view slides)
  • Landmark Preservation & Adaptive Reuse: An Annotated Bibliography by Steven Essig, Catey Farley, M. Rini Hughes, and Robin Naughton (view slides)
  • Libraries and the Affordable Care Act by Danielle Aloia, Marilyn Kahn-Wilen, and Rajni Misra (view slides)

Beyond digitization: hacking structured data out of historical documents (view slides)

  • NYPL Labs, The New York Public Library

Digitizing Special Collections

  • Digitizing Medical History (view slides)
    • Lisa Mix, Weill Cornell Medical College
  • Gilding the Gilded Age: Interior Decorating Tastes and Trends in New York City (view slides)
    • Alexandra Janvey and Catherine Larkin, Long Island University
    • Victoria Pilato, Frick Art Reference Library

Session IV Project Briefs
Five Partners, One Access-Oriented Services Consortium: The Shared Services Model for Small Cultural Heritage Institutions (view slides)

  • Melanie Meyers, The Center for Jewish History
  • Lauren Bradley, The Center for Jewish History
  • Rachel Miller, The Center for Jewish History
  • Felicity Corkill, The Center for Jewish History

Open Access is a Lot of Work!: How I Took a Journal Open Access and Lived to Tell About It (view slides)

  • Emily Drabinski, LIU Brooklyn

Blueprint for Your Business Future: a tri-library initiative to strengthen immigrant businesses (view slides)

  • Kristin McDonough, New York Public Library
  • Maud Andrew, Brooklyn Public Library
  • Tara LannonStanton, Queens Library

Archiving the CD-R (view slides)

  • John Passmore, WNYC

Infrastructure for managing and sharing image collections (view slides)

  • James Shulman, ARTstor

Session V Project Briefs
Planning for an Electronic Records Repository at the Guggenheim Museum Archives (view slides)

  • Sarah Haug, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

From Creation to Preservation: Transforming the Culminating Student Project Through Collaboration (view slides)

  • Marie Sciangula, Purchase College, SUNY
  • Kim Detterbeck, Purchase College, SUNY
  • Darcy Gervasio, Purchase College, SUNY

Transforming Computer Training Services @ Your Library (view slides)

  • Brandy McNeil, The New York Public Library

How collaboration can save [more of] the web (view slides)

  • Anna Perricci, Columbia University Libraries

Digitization Projects

    • Revealing Hidden Collections (view slides)
      • Naomi Steinberger, The Library of The Jewish Theological Seminary
    • Digitization of Polish History 1918-1923 (view slides)
      • Marek Zielinski, Jozef Pilsudski Institute of America